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United States bull chemical (group) co., LTD

The bull chemical fertilizer (group) co., LTD is a famous American group co., LTD., is a friendly to soil, safe for the environment, and is the dominant idea of healthy crop fertilizer enterprises, committed to make agricultural produce green organic pollution-free crops and vegetables, let the human feel free to use, healthy growth.

Company selecting the high quality raw material, USES the European and American advanced technology production, the product is peeling level nutrient release, high utilization rate of absorption, extraction from plant sources specially added bioactive synergist, ecological safety, the protection of sustainable land use, promote healthy crops growth, achieve "land, fertilizer, crop" the three best interaction. The main products are organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, fish protein compound biological bacterium agent, microbial agents, a large number of water soluble fertilizer, fulvic acid potassium water-soluble fertilizers. Products adopt the most advanced biotechnology development. Products are rich in pure organic reactive nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and also rich in many kinds of ions, amino acids, trace elements, active ingredients such as plant organic active factor, is the production of organic vegetables, fruits, vegetables, tea, flowers, medicinal herbs, dedicated senior product, the product in the United States, Britain, France, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions have been widely used, by the praise.

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